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CoaguChek XS INR Monitor for $799.99

The CoaguChek system gives an accurate INR result from a fingerstick drop of blood with results available in 1 minute. 

Fast, reliable results

  • PT/INR results in one minute
  • Built-in quality control checks each and every strip automatically
  • Lab-quality and accuracy

*Price does not include training fee ($100).

*Prescription from Medical Doctor Required. 


 CoaguChek XS INR Test 6's for $59.99

All diagnostic tests, whether laboratory or Point-of-Care, have interferences and test limitations. The following situations may affect INR results obtained using the CoaguChek XS System:

  • Hematocrit outside the standard range (25 - 55 %), such as in conditions like polycythemia or anemia. This may occur in patients with cancer or iron deficiency.
  • Lupus anticoagulant: The presence of anti-phospholipid antibodies (APAs) such as Lupus antibodies (LA) can potentially lead to prolonged clotting times (i.e. elevated INR values). A comparison of CoaguChek to an APA-insensitive laboratory method is recommended if the presence of APAs is known or suspected. 
  • Patients being treated with hirudin.
  • Please consult the CoaguChek XS PT Test package insert for full details and ask your physician if CoaguChek is right for you.